Stickman Run: Shadow Adventure (by ROCKET GAMES STUDIO) / Android Gameplay HD

Once upon a time, once upon a time in where colors was disappear and the light is dying. The stickmans are just alive as shadows in a shade villages. There is a strange girl who live in a cottage, her name is Beauty. They said that she still breathes so the light still shines, but she always sickness.
One day, Beauty was taken by head of these mythical creatures from Darkwoods. They called him the Big. No one know where is the Big’s Castle so these stickman are gathering into a league. They are tracking the Big’s marks, using their special skills to fight decimate enemies. They want save Beauty, save the dying light and bring colors back.
You are one of stickman heroes who free runner. You found something creepy, something special and you are running to follow that….
– Arcade game play like free run game mixed in hack n slash with tap action only.
– Skills of stickman are very plentiful.
– Unique contract graphic style, just black and white like shadow.
– Run through 4 lands, deal with creepy creatures and hollow bosses.
– Easy to play, challenging to master.
– League of stickman is being update with more heroes.
– Tap on room of screen to JUMP, double tap to DOUBLE JUMP.
– Tap on biggest right bottom button to ATTACK.
– Special when you attack rightly on the air you will fall as a feather.
– Use SKILL right time, your stickman will become deadly runner.


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