Disney CLUE Board Game unboxing The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Where is Sandy Claws?

Who kidnapped the Sandy Claws, and locked him in a box? Where could he be hidden, behind a bunch of rocks? did someone send a present, or set a steel bear trap? It’s up to you to sold the clues and find out where he’s stashed. 

In this exclusive Nightmare Before Christmas Clue game, you will need to solve the mystery of who kidnapped Sandy Claws. Where was he hidden? And what item was used to subdue him?

Contents: Custom game board, 6 custom suspect movers, 6 personality cards, 21 rumor cards, 21 intrigue cards, custom Clue sheets, envelope, 6 items, 2 dice and rules.

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  • Aaah so cool. I love Nightmare!

    Amy McLean - Super Ink Arts dotcom July 19, 2020 8:53 am Reply

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