Day 1, Game 3 | DM Amy Lynn Dzura | Jasper’s Game Week 2020

Day 1, Game 3 | DM Amy Lynn Dzura | Jasper’s Game Week 2020

Jasper’s Game Week is a star-studded, gaming packed week of Role Playing Game Livestreams dedicated to raising money for suicide crisis centers around the country through Jasper’s Game Day.

Jasper’s Game Week 2020 was hosted live on May 3rd through May 7th

5 days, 20 games, more than 135 participants all came together to raise nearly $35,000 for suicide awareness and prevention programs.

Jasper’s Game Week 2020 Admin Team:

MTD Jake
Fenway Jones
Aaron Jones
MTD Dwight
Matt & Miles (Impact RPG)

Support Mini Terrain Domain



I started Jasper’s Game Day (JGD) 3 years ago in response to losing 2
friends to suicide. Our first event was in Michigan, USA when I was 14!
3 years later we are hosting events worldwide! JGD uses these events and
donations towards prevention efforts. Thanks to your donation so we can
continue to spread the message of suicide prevention
and awareness. In partnership with AAS, we distribute all funds to
crisis centers, helplines, and schools dealing with suicide on a daily

In case you would like to claim this donation on your taxes we are 501c3
charity and our tax number is 83-1415532.

Please check our website often! We will be hosting live events across
the country.And hopefully soon, the world!

Thank you again!

Fenway Jones

Suicide Prevention is Everyone’s Business


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