A Chat with 2 Game Developers | Barbie

Love to play games? Ever dream up your own? Want to make those dreams a reality? In this video, we chat with two female game developers who share their insights into the field of game development. What’s it like? Who inspired them? What are their favorite games? Words of advice for future game developers are practical and inspirational. Get an inside peek into the world of game development and get ready to hit “start” for your dreams because with Barbie, you can be anything! #Barbie #YouCanBeAnything

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About Barbie:
For over 61 years, Barbie has led girls on a path to self-discovery and helped them to imagine the possibilities. After over 180 inspirational careers, Barbie—along with her friends and family—continues to inspire and encourage the next generation of girls that they can be anything.

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A Chat with 2 Game Developers | Barbie

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